A Delightful Give Local House Party

Old Church Gallery’s lawn party celebrating GiveLocalNRV and Buffalo Mountain was an awesome success. Special thanks to musicians George Slusher, Joel Pratt, Charlie Thompson, Jason Phillips, and Andy Buckman. George Slusher performed his new ballad based on Catherine Pauley’s story of Vietnam veteran Jack Donnelly; Ricky Cox and Willard Gayheart sang a number by Ricky Cox about a Burk’s Fork gal who didn’t have a sense of direction. And, Handmade Music School members performed some lively flatfoot dance tunes.

We more than met our goal, raised a grateful bundle with our silent auction, enjoyed a rousing and fun house party filling the lawn with laughter, shared stories, and songs. Many, many thanks to all for helping the Old Church Gallery to remember, to collect, and to protect the cultural history of Floyd County.

Please do come by and to see our current exhibit, “There’s the Buffalo!” Our hours are 2-5 pm on Fridays and 10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. You can also visit us online at https://oldchurchgallery.org/. Thank you one and all and thanks to Give Local NRV, Community Foundation of the New River Valley!

Handmade Music School