Mission Statement

  • To foster the preservation of our artistic and historical heritage.
  • To encourage the continuation of the fine crafts and music traditions.
  • To foster the creative endeavors of community members.
  • To achieve these purposes in a manner that will complement the integrity and goals of the residential and business community.

Our Organization

  • Board of Trustees: community members with legal authority and responsibility to see that the rules and regulations of The Old Church Gallery are implemented.
  • Advisory Board: community members initiating exhibits and activities, planning fundraising, and referring approved ideas to the appropriate committees for implementation.
  • Standing Committees: groups of two to four community volunteers implementing Old Church Gallery programs, fundraising, publicity, bookkeeping, workshop development, and history and art exhibits.
  • Volunteers: currently twenty-five to thirty individuals giving their time on a regular basis to see that community programs are carried out

We Remember, We Collect, We Protect.