Remembering Freeman Cockram

January 13, 1937 – July 08, 2024.

Freeman Alvis Cockram, 87, of Floyd, passed away on July 8, 2024. He and Helen Reed Cockram enjoyed sixty-five years of marriage. Freeman and his brother Randolph owned and operated Floyd Farm Service for many years, where the band Bluegrass Travelers practiced weekly in their “feed and seed” store. Freeman later purchased Conner’s Store next door, renamed it Cockram’s General Store, and the band began practicing music there. This attracted a crowd, which then led to the Friday Nite Jamboree weekly event. Freeman was well known for his generosity, kindness, selflessness — he never met a stranger. [obit:]

Floyd Story Center interviewed Freeman Cockram as part of our “Roots with Wings,” Radford University, Floyd County High School partnership. His 2016 interview transcript, audio, video, personal material resources, and two short films are now part of our community oral history archives.