Oral History

Marie Gallimore Interview

Interviewee: Marie (Vaughn) Gallimore
Interviewer: Adam Sowder
Interviewer: Melissa Powell
Burks Fork, Willis, Floyd County

Various oral history media and materials

  • 15 page transcript
  • 38 minute audio tape, mp3
  • various biographical material
  • 22 on-site print photographs
  • archives catalog record

Marie Gallimore’s great-grandfather came to the Buffalo Mountain area of Floyd County from Patrick County in the 19th C. to the place she now lives on Burks Fork Creek. Although Marie spent the early years of her marriage as a housewife, raising two sons, she later worked many years at WGFC radio station and describes a typical day there. Marie recalls the Buffalo Mountain Stomping Grounds as a gathering place for picnics in her youth, and when asked her thoughts on what changes might happen there, she responds, “Not a thing.  I’d just like to see it stay like it is.” Marie is very connected to the natural environment and displays a protective nature for wild plants and animals in the interview. Mention is made of a rare Grampus, a creek salamander, and also pennyroyal, sassafras, pennarel, and chestnut tanbark. Marie has some knowledge of early brickmaking and local soapstone uses, and gives the Radford University interviewers a step-by-step primer on how to can green beans.

chestnuts; canning, garden, horse, sheep, mule, chickens, beef, deer, squirrel, hogs, soapstone, bricks, good neighbor, dentist, fishing, hunting, grampus, pennyroyal, tanbark, sassafras, trout
Bio Sketch

Marie Gallimore (1928-2007), the daughter of Bethel and Laura Emma (Harris) Vaughn, lived on Burks Fork Creek most of her life.  Marie was a musician and entertainer with a lifetime of experience in music and radio broadcasting. For many years, she operated WGFC Radio Station with her husband, Dale. Well known in the local old time and country music circles, she played with the Mountain Ivy Band, often performing at Mabry MIll, as well as accompanying her husband, Dale Gallimore, on upright and electric bass.


The Mountain Ivy Band’s biographic sketch is featured in the 2008, Blue Ridge Music Makers Guild publication, “Music Makers of the Blue Ridge Plateau.” The audio link, “Casey Jones,” is from their CD, “Dance Tunes and Sentimental Songs.”

The Buffalo Mountain Series was directed by the Floyd Story Center at the Old Church Gallery, where the complete archives are held.  Marie  Gallimore’s interview was conducted by Radford University students Melissa Powell and Adam Sowder. The project was guided by a collaborative community-university partnership with Radford University anthropology professor Dr. Melinda Bollar Wagner. Anthropology class students teamed with senior anthropology major, Adam Sowder to collect a wealth of place-based stories. Generations will be enriched by the recordings of all who shared their memories. Thank you all.