Photo of Bijou Williams

Roots with Wings Internship

Dear Roots with Wings Friend, 

Our Radford University Roots with Wings Spring 2020 intern, Bijou Williams, created a short presentation about her experience with us.  

We have learned that RU’s Citizen Leader Program, that sponsored Bijou’s internship, is planning to highlight her video on their website. That’s a nice kudos for Bijou and another avenue to teach about the Old Church Gallery, which Bijou really wanted her presentation to do.

Photo of Bijou Williams
Bijou Williams, Class Photographer

Every Spring, our Radford University mentors and interns make presentations for the RU Student Engagement Forum.  During the Forum’s three days in April, hundreds of RU students discuss their research and applied work. This year, with the University shuttered, it seemed the Forum would be cancelled for the first time in its 29-year history. But, always seeking ways to encourage students, Joe Wirgau and Margaret Pate, from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship that organizes the Forum, and our friends at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Samantha Blevins, Charley Cosmato, and John Hildreth, developed a virtual/on-line Student Engagement Forum. Bijou’s presentation was part of the virtual Forum. We are proud of Bijou and the other students who stepped up to assure that this Highlander tradition would continue.