Floyd County Crazy Quilt: 1906-1907

Quilts, quilts, quilts!

Floyd County Crazy Quilt: 1906-1907
Floyd County Crazy Quilt: 1906-1907

During the month of March, while the Gallery exhibits are closed to the public, find virtual Old Church Gallery displays featuring different quilts every day in our March Facebook posts.

Quilts are practical magic; they turn thrifty fabric scraps into radiant warmth. Historically, they reflect the creative industry of women’s work.

Quilts harness stories:

  • Of a family: “Whose dresses were those? Was that Uncle Frank’s shirt?”
  • Of a place: “Is that the Buffalo in this square?”
  • Of a country: “Road to Kansas” pattern pieces trace local migration from east to west.
  • Of Fancy and Frolic: “What dance had four hands in a circle?”

In honor of National Quilt Day, March 20, as well as National Women’s Month, we believe we found the perfect folk craft to present in our quilt collection. Check peruse our Facebook page for posts during March of 2021 tp see quilts fashioned by women’s hands featured daily throughout the entire month.