Photographs & Documents

A soldier’s poignant letter to his daughter, photographs, newspaper clippings and other papers tucked away, posters, a cornmeal sack from Webb’s Mill, and labels from WWII era canning factories form our Photos & Documents collection.

Scrapbooks hold a prominent place in this collection. A Light family scrapbook, compiled in memory of Jasper and Lillian Light, pieces together daily life in the Check area; Amanda Dickerson’s book does the same for her Willis community. Our own Gallery scrapbooks chronicle the growth of a community museum devoted to the creative endeavors of our mountain culture.

This screen-printed poster is advertising an upcoming race at the quarter-mile Floyd Speedway. Owners Durward Rakes and P.L. Shelor launched the track in 1954. Local talents Curtis Turner and Glen Wood were among those racing here. See more about this poster here: Floyd Speedway Poster