Archaeology, Cultural Objects

Thomas Strickler Sweeney Archaeological Collection

Associated Person: Thomas Strickler Sweeney
Alum Ridge (Alum Ridge District)

Stone, bone, charcoal, clay, shells, quartz


Collection of more than one thousand prehistoric artifacts including projectile points, stone axes, hoes, knives, scrapers, drills, hammer stones, charcoal, pipe fragments, shells, bone, quartz crystal cluster, bark, and pottery sherds.


Identified pieces date from the Woodland (500 BC – AD 1100) and Archaic (8000 – 500 BC) Periods. Some points and tools were formed from native stone (quartz, flint, soapstone) while others are nonnative stone (jaspar, obsidian, chert).

Artifacts, projectile points, pottery sherds, Native Americans, American Indians, stone tools, hammer stones
Bio Sketch

Thomas Strickler “Strick” Sweeney (1915-1996) married Minnie Young. He built this collection over a thirty-year period as he worked the gardens and plowed fields on his farm and  searched freshly plowed cornfields on neighboring farms in the Alum Ridge section of the county. Some pieces were found in a cave near Little River. After retiring from farming in 1987, the Sweeneys moved to the Harvestwood community.