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Harman Family Around Their Loom

Associated Person: Mary Slusher Harman
Associated Person: Lala Weddle Harman
Associated Person: Nancy Harter Slusher
Union (Burks Fork District)



Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches


This postcard photograph was taken by an unknown photographer in June 1914 according to a label with the corresponding glass plate negative. Mary Harman is seated at her loom with her mother, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren arranged around her. A spinning wheel and yarn winder are visible behind her.

Barn loom, glass plate negative
Bio Sketch

Seated in front: Nancy Harter Slusher (1833-1922) wife of Henry Slusher;
Seated at loom: Mary Elizabeth Slusher Harman (1856-1938) daughter of Henry & Nancy Slusher, and wife of Jeremiah Harman;
Standing at far left: Lala Weddle Harman (1887-1985) wife of Posie Harman who was the son of Jeremiah & Mary Harman;
Children (left to right): Mildred Harman (1910-2004), Grace Harman (1907-2010), and Buren Harman (1909-1962), all children of Posie & Lala Harman.


This photo was published in Images of America Floyd County (copyrighted in 2012 by the Floyd County Historical Society as part of the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing). The caption misidentified the family name as Hodges.