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Floydiana: Archive of the Serial Online Book, 2013-2017

Maker/Creator: Randall A.. Wells
Floyd County

PDF compilation of an online “serial book.”


vi, 403 pages; color photos and maps. Includes Table of Contents with links to each chapter.


A single PDF of the complete contents of Floydiana, a local history web Compilation about Floyd County, Virginia, including numerous local oral history interviews, which was produced by Randall A. Wells between 2013 and 2017. He described these pages as:

… a serial book, not a blog. Chapter by chapter it explores life in Floyd, a town and county in Southern Virginia. The area’s mixture of people is as unlikely as its scenery is “Look at That!”

Some of the interviewees in Floydiana were also interviewed by the Floyd Story Center oral history program. These include David Allen, Sunny Bernardine, and Lucille Nolen.

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Bio Sketch

Originally from Illinois, Randall Wells was a professor at Coastal Carolina University. He retired in 2008.