Baskets, Cultural Objects

Arminta Catherine Alderman Keith Market Basket

Maker/Creator: Arminta Catherine Alderman Keith
Burks Fork (Burks Fork District)


  • Length: 15 inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Height of weaving: 6 inches
  • Height of handle: 11 inches

This rectangular basket has straight sides. The 3/4 inch wide stakes are tapered and tucked back under the weaving at the top of the basket. The handle was carved with notches to support the rim. Weavers vary in width from 3/8 inch to half an inch. While the lashing is deteriorating around the rim, the basket is in good shape, otherwise.

market basket, split basket
Bio Sketch

Arminta Catherine Alderman Keith (1877-1960) was known as “Minnie” to her friends and as “Ennie” to her great-niece and nephews.¬† She was the daughter of William Tyler Alderman and Sabra Ann Barringer Alderman. After the death of her brother Shepherd Adi Alderman’s wife Arbelia, Minnie moved in with her brother’s family and took care of his children. Her niece Ruby Alderman Vaughn Lorton recalled going with her aunt to harvest splits as needed to make baskets for the family. Ennie used a butcher knife to peel¬† strips of carefully selected young poplar trees.


This basket was handed down from Ruby Alderman Vaughn Lorton to her daughter Emma Catherine Vaughn Pauley.