THE OLD CHURCH GALLERY offers a series of historical and art exhibits seeking to document and display continuing and emerging traditions of Floyd County, Virginia.

The Gallery involved the community in portraying family life in the last century. The permanent collection has grown to include photographs, letters, maps, books, oral histories, furniture, tools, and textiles.

Gallery friends have contributed cherished items. These heirlooms tell the stories of a shared heritage - these are the ties that bind the community together. Now we can all see the pride of craftsmanship in the walnut chair that Great Uncle Joseph made for his new bride, and view the labors of love in the coverlet that Great Grandmother Elizabeth carded, spun, dyed and wove from scratch.

If your family has roots in Floyd County, Virginia and you have family artifacts that you would enjoy loaning or contributing to the OLD CHURCH GALLERY, please let us know at:

P.O.Box 41
Floyd Virginia 24091

The OLD CHURCH GALLERY also records events, milestones and accomplishments of recent history.