About The Old Church Gallery

If you've stopped by to see us while "always in search of a higher brier and a better berry" (as my mother puts it), we think you might have found it. We're a group of Floyd County, Virginia people who have banded together to document and celebrate both our past history and our mercurial present community, rich in the kind of diversity that weaves a colorful and strong coverlet.

If you have Floyd County roots you'll be pleased to know that we've learned to use computers in amazingly creative ways - but we still stop our vehicles in the middle of the roads to have neighborly conversations. My most exciting piece of modern technology is the new hammer I use for installing exhibits and other general repair. As we approach our 39th year, we are  putting together DVD's and Video Presentations, we're still basically a hammer and nails organization.

We are The Old Church Gallery and you'll find on the following pages descriptions of the activities we're involved in (the oral history collection, artifact protection, photo archiving, art-shows, classes).

Programs Supported By:
Local Community Members
Virginia Commission of The Arts
The Town of Floyd

If we can help you out before you get by to visit, let us know. If you're interested in helping us, we'd love that too. Hope you can enjoy your visit and come back to see us again.

Take care and listen all around; people have stories to tell.
We remember, We collect, We protect!

Mission Statement

To foster the preservation of our artistic and historical heritage.
To encourage the continuation of the fine crafts and music traditions.
To foster the creative endeavors of community members.
To achieve these purposes in a manner that will complement the integrity and goals of the residential and business community.

The Gallery is an educational arts and history organization with a well-established commitment to the community.

    The Old Church Gallery is comprised of four groups:
  • Board of Trustees: community members with legal authority and responsibility to see that the rules and regulations of The Old Church Gallery are implemented.
  • Advisory Board: community members initiating exhibits and activities, planning fundraising, and referring approved ideas to the appropriate committees for implementation.
  • Standing Committees: groups of two or four community volunteers implementing Old Church Gallery programs, fundraising, publicity, bookkeeping, workshop development, and history & art exhibits.
  • Volunteers: currently thirty-five to forty individuals giving their time on a regular basis to see that community programs are carried out

Our programs document, celebrate, and openly share the creative traditions, contemporary culture, and history of the region. Recent projects include a traveling archaeological "Edukit" for local primary schools, a University-partnered oral history program- "Floyd Story Center," and sponsorship of the Heritage of Floyd County book. Our archival resources make available recorded family, photographic, and local history. Items from the Old Church Gallery's permanent collection and artifacts loaned by the community are used to provide the visual exhibits.

Archives provide material to illustrate historic themes of featured exhibits. Guest Curators have special interests or knowledge in a hobby, collection or knowledge of a particular theme from the past. The curators are assisted by Gallery volunteers who help sort, identify, catalog and plan the displays.

Past exhibits include:

Deep Roots-19th Century Traditions
African American Families in Floyd
Back to Bedrock: Prehistory and Archeology of the Area
The Run of the Mills: Grinding Grain, Sawing Wood, and Weaving.